Put yourself on display!

Our interior architects always have great ideas!

Creativity with new concepts of furniture for sale.
Emotionality intuitive, customer involvement.
Visual information, with clear identification of the products and promotions, as
well as all the services offered.

Creativity is the essence of design, along with an Intuitive originality, in order to ensure full involvement, a mix of instinct and method, always bearing in mind the rules of excellent layout and optimum visual merchandising, always profitability.

The Effebi company designs and makes various kinds of fixtures and fittings in its own factories. Its products include :

  Sober, elegant, classic standard fixtures and fittings, as well as special and
    individual “Personal Design” projects.
  Working spaces are designed in order to ensure they are as rational and as
    functional as possible.
  Great care and particular attention is devoted to illumination with state-of-the-art
    lighting units and lighting-engineering testing.


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