New concepts emotional creative.
  The materials, colors, new environments, under construction.
  Furnishing natural biological, for a "Natural Pharmacy"
  Our new “Profiling”system is already in production:
    This innovative, appealing and functional open-space system has thin
    horizontal mouldings to ensure strength as well as an elegant appearance.
    The lack of the aluminium strips makes the visual impact much cleaner,
    allowing for a much more “elegant” and attractive product display.
    The narrower strips do not in any way affect the strength of the units.

  Fixtures and fittings are being developed that bring the display purpose
    to the forefront.
    The fixtures disappear from a visual point of view, allowing full space
    for products.

  Specific fixtures are being designed for product sectors, with fittings and
    accessories aimed at enhancing the practical features and the presentation
    of the product.

  New materials are being used, such as transparent Plexiglas, aluminium,
    brushed steel, leather coverings, plastic coverings, up-to-date woods like
    wengè, zebrano, and so on, placed alongside new solid colours.

  New accessories are being installed for pharmacy-customer communications,
    for attracting attention … for “new senses”.

  Imminent is a single/double display trolley in completely transparent Plexiglas.

New collaboration


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