Dating back around twentyfive years, the company boasts staff and owners with around fifty years of experience in the sector.
The starting point of the company was the expertise developed by Luigi Biffi together with his son Flavio.
Ever since the first fixtures and fitting made on behalf of INAF (the Italian national pharmacy assistance institute), Flavio Biffi has continued to expand the business.

The aim of the Effebi company is to provide precise and practical assistance to pharmacies.
Located at Aicurzio in northern Italy, the company’s head offices are the driving force behind the company, providing ideas as well as inspiration.
This dynamic and creative hub is where the company’s professional team develops its innovative solutions.
The company is forward-looking, in the forefront for truly cost-effective fixtures and fittings.
The solutions put forward meet customers’ demands for a professional approach, top-quality service, and above all for guaranteed productivity, profitability, functionality and practicality.
Layouts are accurately designed, down to the very last detail.
The main aim of Effebi is to increase sales of para-pharmaceutical products in pharmacies, ensuring a highly visual profile to encourage sales.
For this purpose, displays are made to optimize sales.
Fixtures and fittings are thus designed with the particular product and product category in mind.
Flavio Biffi

Luigi Biffi

We're ready to help you solve all fixtures and fittings in your Pharmacy

  A motivated staff of designers and architects to ensure true cost-effective solutions
  Accurate layout designs to ensure excellent product visual merchandising
  "Personal design" fixtures and fittings with new shapes, innovative materials for that distinctive touch
  Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to the companyes fixtures and fittings
  All materials are guaranteed and supplied with product fact-sheets
  All products can be supplied with the "full services" formula
  Fixtures are guaranteed for 3 years and drawers are guaranteed for 5 years
  Assistance is quick, reliable and ongoing.


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